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PADECO® absorber is made of 100% renewable materials [natural cellulose]. It contains no plastics or chemical additives, making it fully compostable and truly ecological.

PADECO® has special embossing in the cellulose and is characterized by a sufficiently high absorbency, which causes complete absorption of leachate from the product.

PADECO® is produced in two forms:

In the case of low absorption of absorbable liquids [up to MP1000] it can be made of cellulose itself.

The second version of our product – with higher absorption parameters [from MP1500 to MP2500] – is additionally laminated with a special compostable biolaminate.

Available in the following formats:

80×120 mm, 100×80 mm, 100×120 mm, 100×160 mm, 100×250 mm, 120×160 mm, 120×250 mm

also rolled up on a wide roll: 100 and 120 mm and a length of 480 m

Lamination PURE none [natural cellulose], or INDUSTRIAL [one or both sides laminated with industrial compostable biolaminate]
Absorption capacity MP1000, MP1700, MP2500
Available colours white
Application fresh meat, poultry, fish, fruit – can be used in MAP packaging.

We can produce our absorbers both in ROLLS

As well as the customization of our absorbers to the customers’ needs!

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